Summer EBT/SUN Bucks Benefit (2024)

What is Summer EBT/SUN Bucks:

A new program called Summer EBT, or“SUN Bucks,”has been authorized by a bipartisan U.S. Congress to provide food dollarsto low-income families with school-aged children over the summer months. The program is proven to reduce food insecurity and improvechildren's nutritionduringsummer break. Governor Shapiro’s administration announced that the Commonwealth would participate in this program beginning in the summer of 2024. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees the program, and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) coordinates the benefit issuance in Pennsylvania.

Who is Eligible:

A student isautomatically eligiblefor2024Summer EBT/SUN Bucks iftheyare enrolled ata school thatparticipates inthe National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or School Breakfast Program (SBP),ANDtheyqualifyfor free or reduced-price school mealsfor any of these reasons:

1.Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or

2.Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), or

3.MedicalAssistancewith incomethat qualifies themfor the NSLP/SBP,or

4.Household meal application with income that qualifies,or

5.Are homeless, runaway,migrant,foster,or in Head Start

If your child is automatically eligible for Summer EBT/SUN Bucks, you do not need to do anything elseto receive the benefit.

If you believe your income qualifies (185% or less of the federal poverty level), you can still apply for free or reduced meals through the school (unless your child attends aCommunity Eligibility Provision* (CEP)school)or apply for the Summer EBT/SUN Bucks through DHS. See “Summer EBT/SUN Bucks Application” below for details.

Students who arehomeschooled or are taught virtuallyfor100% of the school year are ineligible for Summer EBT/SUN Bucks.The only exceptionis if the child also attends a school building regularlythat offers them NSLP/SBP school meals.

*IMPORTANT:Community Eligibility Provision (CEP)is a special program that allows NSLP/SBP schools in low-income areas to feed all students for free during the school year, regardless of each student’s economic level. However, Summer EBT/SUN Bucks is based on each student’s situation.StudentsatCEP schools arenotautomatically eligible for Summer EBT/SUN Bucksunlessthey receive SNAP, TANF, or Medical Assistancewith income that qualifies them for free/reduced meals or are homeless, runaway, migrant, foster,or in Head Start.

Summer EBT/SUN Bucks Application:

Families should only submit a Summer EBT/SUN Bucks application if their child attendedan NSLP/SBP-participatingschoolin the 2023-2024 school yearandwas notfoundautomaticallyeligible forSummer EBT/SUNBucks.

Summer EBT/SUN Bucks applications will be availableonJuly 1,2024,on the DHS SUN Bucks webpage as a fillable PDF form in English and Spanish. DHS will review the family’s application to confirm that the child attended an NSLP/SBPschool,and that the family income qualifies for the benefit (185% or less ofthefederal poverty level).To qualify for SUN Bucks for 2024, an application must be submitted by August 31, 2024. Any applications submitted on or after September 1, 2024, will be held and considered only for SUN Bucks for the summer of 2025.

Benefit Issuance:

For thesummer of 2024,a household will receivea$120 Summer EBT/SUN Bucks benefit (which equals $40 for each summer month) for every eligible child in the household.

The benefit will be issued at the household level, meaning ifmultiple eligible students arein a household, the benefit will be combined into one issuance amount. The benefit will be issued to the family’s existing state EBT card (for SNAP or TANF) or on a new SUN Bucks card that is mailed, in most cases, to the household contact and address DHS has on file for that household.Schools are not able to change this information.If your SNAP, TANF, or Medical Assistanceinformation needs to be updated, contact your County Assistance Office. If the household does not have a SNAP, TANF,or Medical Assistance case with DHS, the address that the school has on file will be used.

DHS will issue the 2024 Summer EBT/SUN Bucks benefits from late August to September 2024. All benefits should be issued by the end of October 2024. This may seem late for a benefit intended to assist eligible children and families over the summer months. DHS is building new processes andsystems to meet USDA guidelines for this new program. Families are asked tobe patientand understanding during this implementation year. The intent is for the benefit to be issued earlier in the summer break in future years.

Schools cannot assist families with Summer EBT/SUN Bucks benefit questions. Schoolscannot accessthe state’s Summer EBT/SUN Bucks system or records.

Summer EBT/SUN Bucks Resources for Families:

DHS and their County Assistance Offices offer family support for Summer EBT/SUNBucks.

TheDHSSummer EBT/SUN Bucks webpage for familiescan be foundhere: webpage provides information about thebenefit, Frequently Asked Questions, the SUN Bucks family application, and an eligibility navigator tool to help families determine if they need to apply.

County Assistance Offices canprovide family support for all Summer EBT/SUN Bucks questions.A CAO locator tool is found here:

TheStatewide Customer Service Centercan be reached by phone at1-877-395-8930, or 1-215-560-7226 in Philadelphia.

Note: DHS asks families not to call the County Assistance Offices or Statewide Customer Service lines regardingnot receivingSummer EBT/SUN Bucks before the end ofAugust2024, whenalmostalltheSummer EBT/SUN Bucks benefitsfor automatically eligible childrenhave beenissued.

SNAP, TANF,and Medical Assistance households that need to update their address with DHS should do so as soon as possible.

Summer EBT/SUN Bucks Benefit (2024)


Is Michigan doing PEBt 2024? ›

During Summer 2024, eligible families will be able to receive money for select food items through the new Summer EBT program.

Is Indiana getting PEBt 2024? ›

Summer 2024 will be the first year for Indiana SUN Bucks, a new benefits program that provides families $120 for each eligible school-aged child to buy groceries when school is out.

Is Texas doing summer PEBt 2024? ›

States not participating in Summer EBT 2024:

Summer EBT will not be available in the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, Mississippi, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming. These states may choose to participate in future years.

Is Pennsylvania getting PEBt in 2024? ›

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently announced that Pennsylvania is among the states that plan to be the first to launch the new, permanent summer grocery benefits program for children – known as Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) – in summer 2024.

How much is the summer EBT in Michigan? ›

A new Summer EBT program will provide additional food benefits to nearly 900,000 Michigan children while school is not in session. (Jan Murphy | LANSING, MI - A new Michigan Summer EBT program will provide eligible families $120 per child to buy groceries while school is out for summer.

Will summer EBT be implemented in all states, territories, and tribal nations in summer 2024? ›

This summer, 37 states, the District of Columbia, all five U.S. territories, and two Tribes, will participate in the new nationwide Summer EBT Program.

Is Sun Bucks a one-time payment? ›

This program will provide households a one-time payment of $120 for each eligible child to buy food. Because this is the first year of the program, benefits will be issued beginning in mid-August for Summer 2024. All 2024 SUN Bucks benefits will be issued by the end of October.

Is NC participating in summer EBT 2024? ›

SUN Bucks benefits are issued to debit-like cards (EBT cards) that families can use to purchase nutritious food. Beginning in summer 2024, families will receive $120 per eligible child for the summer period. To learn more, please see the SUN Bucks Frequently Asked Questions below!

Is WV doing summer EBT 2024? ›

West Virginia has approximately 202,000 children who would be eligible to receive the Summer EBT benefit in summer 2024.

Is Ohio doing summer EBT 2024? ›

In summer 2024, each eligible child will receive a one-time payment of $120 in Summer EBT funds.

Will Florida get PEBt in 2024? ›

In 2024, 36 states participated in Summer EBT, including Arkansas, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Florida is not among the states administering a Summer EBT program this year.

Is Tennessee getting summer EBT 2024? ›

Eligible families will receive $40 per eligible child, per month, in a one-time payment of $120 beginning in June 2024.

Is NY getting PEBt in 2024? ›

Each eligible child will receive $120 in Summer EBT food benefits in 2024.

Is Missouri getting PEBt in 2024? ›

Students that were determined eligible for FRL at some point during the 2023-2024 school year are considered “Streamlined Certified”, meaning the student's household does not need to apply for summer 2024 EBT; they will automatically receive the benefit for summer 2024.

How do I check my P-EBT balance in Pennsylvania? ›

How do I check the balance for my SNAP benefits to know how much I have?
  1. The best way to know your balance is to keep your last receipt.
  2. If you lose your last receipt and need to know your balance, call the recipient hotline, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-888-EBT-PENN.

Does the Michigan P-EBT card expire? ›

How long do I have to use my P-EBT benefits? Per USDA FNS federal guidelines (7 CFR 272.2), if you do not use any of your FAP benefits for nine months (274 days), they will be expunged, or removed from your account.

Is Michigan getting extra food stamps this month? ›

Michigan has extended its expansion of food assistance for 350,000 families through September as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Michigan has provided additional food assistance since March – and now it is being extended for September with approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service.

What is the summer EBT program for NC 2024? ›

SUN Bucks, also known as Summer EBT (S-EBT), is a new permanent Federal program that helps families by giving them money to buy groceries during the summer when children are not in school. Starting in the summer of 2024, families that qualify for this program will get $120 for each child that's part of the program.

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