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  • Lively concoction is a green alchemical healing liquid crafted with three random ingredients chosen at the start of each game, or it can be found randomly ...

  • Lively concoction is a green alchemical healing liquid crafted with three random ingredients chosen at the start of each game, or it can be found randomly in the world or inside a chest. It quickly heals the player over time when stained by it. When using it, make sure to do it in a safe area and with a small hole in the ground as to not let it spill out. In any case, the substance evaporates into nothing on its own, so make use of it quickly. You only need a very small amount of it to trigger t

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  • Lively Concoction, often shortened to LC, is an elusive Magical Liquid. It appears as a glowing, lime-green healing liquid.

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  • Simple in-game HUD bar showing the current seed's Lively Concoction and Alchemic Precursor recipes. ... is this mod also available through steam workshop?

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  • Lively Concoction · Diminution · Draught of Midas · Fool's Gold

  • Alchemy is a game mechanic that causes mixed materials to transform into different materials with varying qualities and effects.

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  • Lively Concoction · Draught of Midas · Void Liquid · Healthium

  • Alchemy is the art and science of mixing ingredients in order to obtain transformations of their qualities and effects. In Noita, the great majority of alchemical reagents are in liquid form, preserved in flasks. They can be mixed with other liquids or solid materials to produce different substances entirely. It would take a patient alchemist with access to all kinds of elements to discover how many unique concoctions exist... In a world where every pixel is simulated, Alchemy occupies a main ro

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  • Noita Seed Tool. Perk Deck. Close. Seed Random Seed. Search for Seed. Type, Requirement. Choose a type, {{ req.displayName }}. or not. Flask Material.

  • Noita fungal shift and perk calculator with search functionality.

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  • Oct 6, 2019 · Huge thanks to Saphire for the work on the recipe algorithm as well. World Seed: Send Permalink Copy. Lively Concoction. Probability: 0 ...

  • This service will be shutting down on October 20th. Thanks for using it!

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  • Noita Alchemy Recipes Wiki (2024) · 2.1 Some less-useful mixes: · 2.2 Lively Concoction · 2.3 Alchemic Precursor.

  • Noita Alchemy Recipes Wiki - Alchemy is the mixing art to create new substances, there are many different of them in the game.

Noita Lively Concoction (2024)


How do you get the lively concoction recipe in Noita? ›

Lively Concoction is created by mixing three random materials, in this case, Whiskey, Acceleratium and Poison. Lively Concoction creates inert Gunpowder when in contact with Purifying Powder.

How to find alchemic precursor noita? ›

Random alchemic precurser spawn in in map seed 1911131374 which turns into Draught of Midas and thus nearby material into gold.

How does alchemy work in Noita? ›

Alchemy is a game mechanic that causes mixed materials to transform into different materials with varying qualities and effects. In Noita, the great majority of materials with alchemical properties are in liquid form, found either in potions or scattered throughout various biomes in the world.

Where are the potions in Noita? ›

From item pedestals or chests in most biomes. The Mines will sometimes spawn with a room containing a lava pit and multiple shelves of potions, which is often populated by an Alkemisti, Stendari, or Ukko.

What is the difference between Noita lively concoction and Healthium? ›

Unlike Lively Concoction, Healthium does not have a lifetime, and therefore does not vanish on its own. Regeneration effect, but its duration is limited by the amount consumed. A single drink from a Potion will grant the effect for 7.5 seconds. Healthium reacts with Purifying Powder to produce gunpowder.

How do you fill a potion without drinking Noita? ›

Hold the flask and stand in the liquid, or open your inventory and drag it to toss it gently into a pool.

What is the gas of Midas? ›

Gas of Midas is a glowing golden gas that turns anything it touches to gold, the gaseous form of Draught of Midas.

How do you unlock alchemic Carbine? ›

The blueprint for the Alchemic Carbine is located in a secret area of the Ancient Sewers, above a big pool of poisonous water. It is very likely to fall and get stuck in the poisonous water, therefore it is not advised to enter this room while cursed. The secret area will keep spawning until the blueprint is claimed.

What is alchemy the precursor to? ›

Although alchemy is considered to be an ancient science, it can be regarded as a necessary precursor to the development of modern chemistry and it continues to have implications on scientific discovery today.

Why is alchemy no longer accepted? ›

By the 1740s, "alchemy" was now restricted to the realm of gold making, leading to the popular belief that alchemists were charlatans, and the tradition itself nothing more than a fraud.

What does worm pheromone do? ›

Worm Pheromone is a grey liquid that stains a creature touching it with a debuff that attracts Worms (of any type) to its location. The worm is hostile to anything affected by this substance, so can be used offensively by the player if they know there are worms around.

How to neutralize polymorphine noita? ›

The only method to be fully (but still temporarily) immune to the effects of Polymorphine is to eat the dead body of a Master of Polymorphing. The Iron Stomach perk can be used to temporarily gain immunity to a particular kind of liquid Polymorphine by drinking it. This only works for the matching kind.

What does drinking water do in Noita? ›

Drinking water is harmless in itself, but will increase your Satiation level. If your satiation level is too high you will start to be slower, take damage, and beyond that, even explode.

What does brine do in Noita? ›

Brine is a liquid material that belongs to the Starter Material pool, with a 6.5% chance of being the player's starter potion. It behaves similarly to Water, albeit slightly denser, and can be used as water to gain the wet stain.

What does berserkium do in Noita? ›

Berserkium doubles the damage and explosion radius of spells. Demonstrated with Dynamite. Small amounts of Berserkium can be produced by pouring Whiskey on the corpses of enemies that drop Frog Meat, such as Konna.

How do you make pheromones in Noita? ›

It can be found in flasks just as many other Magical Liquids, but it can also can be created by mixing Flummoxium and Berserkium.

How do you get the mud potion in Noita? ›

  1. Has a 6.5% chance to be a starting potion.
  2. Found at the bottom of the ponds in the Holy Mountain.
  3. On the surface of the Forest after Rain mixes with the Soil.
  4. Very rare chance of obtaining. Mud as a random material potion from a Treasure Chest or Great Treasure Chest.
Apr 28, 2024

How do you turn everything to gold in Noita? ›

It is the final area of the game, reached through the red portal spawned after defeating Kolmisilmä. Completing The Work here by slotting in the item from the boss at the center altar will trigger a huge circular wave that turns the whole world and everything in it into Gold, (including you!)

Where are the spell refreshers in Noita? ›

The Spell Refresher will restore the spell charges of limited-use spells. They are found in each Holy Mountain, and in some Treasure Chests.

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