Inside how late Steve Jobs stripped kids of inheritance & denied one was his (2024)

STEVE Jobs, the legendary co-founder of Apple, died on this day 10 years ago following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

To commemorate the tech pioneer's death, Apple released a video on Tuesday narrated entirely by quotes from Jobs, in addition to some of his infamous speeches during various product launches.



"Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact," Jobs is heard saying in the video.

"And that is, everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use."

Apple also dedicated the entire homepage of their website to Jobs on Tuesday, on which a heartfelt message from his family was also shared.

"Each of us has found his or her own path to consolation, but we have come together in a beautiful place of love for Steve, and for what he taught us," their message reads, in part.

"For all of Steve's gifts, it was his power as a teacher that has endured. He taught us to be open to the beauty of the world, to be curious around new ideas, to see around the next corner, and most of all to stay humble in our own beginner's mind."

"There are many things we still see through his eyes, but he also taught to look for ourselves. He gave us equipment for living, and it has served us well," the statement continued.

"One of our greatest sources of consolation has been our association of Steve with beauty. The sight of something beautiful — a wooded hillside, a well‑made object — recalls his spirit to us. Even in his years of suffering, he never lost his faith in the beauty of existence."


Steve Jobs is widely celebrated as a genius and visionary among the tech community but the legacy he left behind in his personal life and in his professional relationships is more contentious.

The flaws of Jobs' management style and personal life have been well documented in books, movies, and documentaries in the decade since his death.

His fractious relationship with his daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs was the focus of Danny Boyle's critically acclaimed movie, Steve Jobs, which was released in 2015 and stars Michael Fassbender.

Brennan-Jobs also later penned a memoir, titled Small Fry, that revealed that her father rejected her for years and denied being her father - even when the results of a DNA test suggested otherwise.

The memoir recounts numerous memories of Jobs being outright cruel to her.

In one anecdote, when she was just a nine-years-old Brennan Jobs recounted how she winsomely asked her father if she could have his Porsche when he was done with it.

“You’re not getting anything,” he reportedly snapped. “You understand? Nothing. You’re getting nothing.”


When she later lived with him as a teenager she said he wouldn't have the heating fixed or the dishwasher mended.

He also reportedly dragged his feet about paying her college tuition fees at Harvard, refusing to pay after her first year, in retaliation to some perceived slight.

Wealthy neighbors eventually stepped in to help Brennan-Jobs cover the fees - and Jobs wouldn't pay them back until several years later.



She recounted to the Guardian in 2018 that some of her father's unpleasantness came from the fact that he was "awkward."

"Really awkward. It’s hard to overstate that. I had a surprise party for my mother when I was eight and he sat on the floor and his awkwardness had its own charisma.

"You could hardly pay attention to other things because you were so worried about him. Even at eight, I felt it: ‘Oh God, are you OK?’ And people have been forgetting that he wasn’t successful when I was growing up. He wasn’t succeeding ... And he kept on trying, even though he kept on failing.”


Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011, following a battle with pancreatic cancer, aged 56.

Before his death, the former Apple CEO amassed a net worth valued at $10.5 billion that he left to his wifeLaurene Powell-Jobs.

As of this year, Powell-Jobs is now worth over $22 billion. However, neither Brennan-Jobs nor any of his other three children will fully inherit the fortune.

In an interview with the New York Times in 2020, Powell-Jobs said she and her late husband do not believe in "legacy wealth building" - something that Jobs' children are aware of.

"I inherited my wealth from my husband, who didn’t care about the accumulation of wealth," she said.

"I’m not interested in legacy wealth buildings, and my children know that ... Steve wasn’t interested in that. If I live long enough, it ends with me."

Meanwhile, Brenna-Jobs told the Times in 2018 that she and her siblings all received an inheritance from their father totaling in the millions, though none of them has a say in where the rest of his wealth will go.

If she did, she says that she would give it away to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation - an interesting choice considering her father's well-documented and fierce rivalry with the Microsoft founder.

“Would it be too perverse?” she asked at the time. “I feel like the Gates Foundation is really doing good stuff, and I think I would just hot potato it away.”


Jobs co-founded Apple from the garage of hisparents' home in 1976.

He was also behind the software company NeXT and was one of the early supporters of animation studio Pixar.

Months before his death he named Tim Cook as his successor as Apple CEO.

In an internal memo to staff on Tuesday, Cook told employees that the visionary co-founder would be eager to see what the company develops next.

"Today marks the 10th anniversary of Steve’s passing," Cook said in the memo, which was obtained by Bloomberg. "It’s a moment to celebrate his life and to reflect on the extraordinary legacy he left behind.

"Steve believed that 'people with passion can change the world for the better.' That’s the philosophy that inspired him to create Apple. And it lives in us today.

"Steve was so many things: brilliant, funny, and wise, a husband, a father, a friend, and, of course, a visionary. He challenged us to see the world not for what it was, but for what it could be. And he helped so many people, myself included, see the same potential in ourselves. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about him."

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Cook continued: "This year, as much as any other, we’re reminded of the profound impact our products have on the world. I feel so lucky that we spend our days creating wildly innovative tools that connect people, inspire them to think differently, and empower them to make their own dent in the universe, too. It’s one of the many gifts that Steve gave to all of us.

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"I wish Steve were here to see the way his spirit lives on in all of your amazing work. But most of all, I wish he could see what you do next. Steve once said that his proudest achievements were the ones that were yet to come. He spent every day imagining a future that no one else could see and working relentlessly to bring his vision to life.

"Steve was a singular figure, but he taught us all how to soar. I miss him, and I will cherish him always."




Apple pioneer Steve Jobs dies age 56 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer

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Inside how late Steve Jobs stripped kids of inheritance & denied one was his (2024)


Did Steve Jobs' children inherit anything? ›

The truth is that his three children did not receive a single dollar of the inheritance, as it went to two people: Laurene Powell and Lisa Brennan-Jobs.

Did Steve Jobs deny his child? ›

Steve Jobs Denied His Daughter For Years, Leaving Her To Ask 'Was I An Ugly Baby?' After State-Forced A Paternity Test, He Said, '28% Of The Male Population Of The United States Could Be The Father'

What was Steve Jobs' greatest regret? ›

Steve Jobs Experienced Extreme Regret In The Final Days Before His Death, Saying, 'I Wanted My Kids To Know Me. I Wasn't Always Here For Them, And I Wanted Them To Know Why And To Understand What I Did'

Did Steve Jobs have a good relationship with his kids? ›

By all accounts, Steve Jobs was not very attentive to his daughters, but he had a special relationship with his son Reed. He would bring him to board meetings, invite him to look at plans at the kitchen table and really had a strong influence on him.

What was Steve Jobs' IQ? ›

"Steve Jobs likely had an IQ roughly 160 or above. Near the end of 4th grade Jobs was tested. Jobs said: 'I scored at the high school sophom*ore level. ' This means he was a 4th grader performing at the 10th grade level.

What was Steve Jobs' religion? ›

Jobs was born in San Francisco in 1955 and adopted shortly afterwards. He attended Reed College in 1972 before withdrawing that same year. In 1974, he traveled through India, seeking enlightenment before later studying Zen Buddhism.

Why did Steve Jobs ignore Lisa? ›

Jobs also finally revealed the reason for ignoring Lisa for 10 years as he was upset about not invited to her introductory day at Harward. He held that thing against her for a decade and kept it a secret and when Lisa asked why he said, "I',m not too good at communication."

Did Steve Jobs leave Lisa money? ›

In her autobiography, Lisa recounted many episodes of Jobs failing to be an appropriate parent. He remained mostly distant, cold and made her feel unwanted, and initially refused to pay her college fees. According to Fortune magazine, in his will, Jobs left Lisa a multi-million dollar inheritance.

Did Steve Jobs not pay child support? ›

We've known for years that Jobs initially denied being Brennan-Jobs' father and didn't start paying child support until after a DNA test proved he was and a court ordered him to start paying.

Why did Steve Jobs cry so much? ›

"He focused his emotions entirely on the products that he was building," Sculley says. "He took on overwhelming amounts of hard work and was willing to sacrifice things in his personal life because we wanted to create products that people would love and he was very emotional about that."

What was Steve Jobs flaw? ›

Jobs was an amazingly talented but highly flawed individual. A manipulative, excitable liar who was cold, mean, and vindictive, he was not very pleasant to be around. One can only wonder what would have happened to Apple, NeXT, and Pixar if he did not possess these personality flaws.

What is Steve Jobs greatest weakness? ›

The environment under Jobs was not good. There are multiple accounts of his temper flaring and causing him to fire random employees for minor reasons, terminate important business relationships, and cause executives to resign after altercations that include personal attacks.

Who received Steve Jobs' inheritance? ›

Only two people received inheritance after Steve Jobs' death, his wife Laurene and Lisa Brennan. Brennan was his first daughter, the fruit of a previous relationship, but she did not recognize him as her father until after many years.

Did Steve Jobs love his adoptive parents? ›

Isaacson makes it clear that even though Jobs always knew he was adopted, he considered his adoptive parents to be his real parents. Because they'd chosen to give him a home while his birth parents gave him away, Jobs grew up feeling both abandoned and special.

Who did Steve Jobs marry? ›

Laurene Powell Jobs (née Powell; born November 6, 1963) is an American billionaire businesswoman and executive. She is the widow of Steve Jobs, who was the co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc., and she manages the Steve Jobs Trust. She is the founder and chair of Emerson Collective and XQ Institute.

Why did Steve Jobs birth parents give him up? ›

Born in 1955 to Abdulfattah "John" Jandali and Joanne Schieble, Jobs faced a life-altering moment early on. His mother decided to give him up for adoption because of strong opposition from her father to her relationship with Jandali, a Syrian national.

How much are Mrs. Jobs worth? ›

How much would Steve Jobs be worth if he was alive? ›

Potential Wealth: Combining his stakes in Apple and Disney, Jobs' net worth could have been $45.432 billion today.

How much is Steve Wozniak worth? ›

What is Steve Wozniak's net worth? When Apple became a public company, Mr Wozniak made a decent amount of money. But he is now estimated to be worth around $140 million. In comparison, Steve Jobs, another co-founder of Apple, had a fortune of $10.2 billion when he died in 2011.

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