‘Grimcutty’ Ending Explained: A Meme Becomes An IRL Monster And Hurts Teens In Hulu Horror Flick (2024)

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  • ‘Grimcutty’ Ending Explained: A Meme Becomes An IRL Monster And Hurts Teens In Hulu Horror Flick (1)

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Move over, Big Brother! Someone new is watching – and his name is Grimcutty (or your parents – more on that below).

The self-titled star of the new Hulu original film, which premiered October 10, is one for the digital age. Call it The Ring for Generation Z, Grimcutty isn’t so much a horror film as it is a dark comedy about the struggle for parents to understand technology and their children; it’s a commentary on mental illness and anxiety in the age of Instagram. But even though it’s not incredibly scary, there are still jumpscares, blood, and enough cringey moments of parents using the internet to make anyone terrified (content warning for mentions of suicide).

Want to learn more? We’ll let you in on what really went down at the end of Grimcutty, so read on if you dare. But be warned: spoilers ahead!

‘Grimcutty’ Ending Explained: A Meme Becomes An IRL Monster And Hurts Teens In Hulu Horror Flick (2)

What is the Grimcutty plot summary?

Grimcutty tells the story of Asha (Sara Wolfkind) a Suburban teenager and amateur YouTuber with a knack for ASMR, whose obsession with social media and her phone make her parents Leah (Shannyn Sossamon) and Amir (Usman Ally) wary of the way technology is affecting her and her brother Kamran (Callan Farris). Ever since she quit track, she’s been much more reserved and her parents believe cell phone addiction is to blame. Each week the family goes on one “phone-free” outing so as to bond, which Asha struggles with as her YouTube channel makes her highly anxious.

But soon word gets around that a meme called Grimcutty is spreading to teenagers through links or text messages, causing them to cut themselves or harm others (in one event, a child even stabbed his mother). Leah and Amir warn Asha and Kamran about this, though the children are filled with skepticism about where the mysterious meme came from and how it would be able to control people. As the parents do more research, Asha begins to see Grimcutty, a tall skeletal figure similar to the internet meme of Slender Man or the Momo Challenge. When she alerts her parents of this, they don’t believe her as only she can see it and they determine the best thing would be for Kamran and Asha to put their technology in a “Detox Box” (more on this later) so that Grimcutty won’t get to them. At school the next day, she and her new friend Cassidy (Tate Moore) decide to cut class to do more research about the Grimcutty. They discover that the root of the detox box is mommy blogger Melinda Jaynes (Alona Tal), whose posts are technology-focused with titles like, “Is Your Child’s Smart Phone Making Them Grow Horns?” After finding a deleted post with an image of Grimcutty, Asha thinks Melinda’s hiding something while Cassidy has a strong suspicion that Melinda’s son Brandon (Kayden Alexander Koshelev) was the child who stabbed his mother. After Cassidy leaves, an “un-zen-like” Asha attempts to find Melinda’s address and contacts her brother, who reluctantly agrees to help. During another close encounter with Grimcutty where Asha cuts herself, her parents find her and take her home, only to discover that Grimcutty has also gotten to Kamran and choked him.

Waking up in the hospital, Asha attempts to prove to Leah that what she saw was real but her mother still doesn’t believe her. Having found Kamran’s computer with Melinda’s address, Asha steals Leah’s keys and decides to go after her. As she leaves the hospital, she finds Cassidy and reveals a theory: whenever their parents freak out about technology, Grimcutty attacks. The more Asha tells them about it, the more hysterical her parents get and the more they attempt to control technology; thus, Grimcutty isn’t in control – the parents are. Cassidy warns Asha that she needs to figure it out fast, as the psychologist she met with is about to talk to her parents. “If our parents freaking out makes it stronger then…I’m dead,” she says, and soon Asha is off to fight the mass hysteria that has created Grimcutty.

What is the Grimcutty ending explained?

After Leah discovers that Asha has left, she takes off after her, but she lies about where she is to Amir, who has seemingly become more hysterical. Meanwhile, Asha heads over to Melinda’s to ask her a few questions about her blog and Grimcutty. Though Melinda evades her questions and cuts the conversation short, Asha decides to do some further investigations after finding a computer keyboard and various other pieces of technology thrown into a trash can. After sneaking into the house, Asha soon finds Brandon locked in a closet in his room. He warns her to lock him back in but it is too late – Melinda has found the two of them and threatens Asha with a gun, repeatedly asking her to give up her phone. Asha presses her about what she did. “He did that to himself, I’m just trying to protect him,” Melinda says. When Leah shows up at Melinda’s, Asha tells her the theory and her mother eventually realizes that her daughter is telling the truth. After Leah confronts her, Melinda becomes hysterical, which as the theory predicted, causes Grimcutty to descend. Immediately, Leah runs up to Brandon’s room, where she finds him suspended in the air and being choked by an unseen Grimcutty. As Asha enters to save her mom, Melinda pulls the gun on her, prompting Leah to push her over, causing Grimcutty to release his grip on Brandon. As Melinda prepares to strike again, Brandon stabs his mother once again, this time causing her to officially fall over.

Coming back to the hospital with Brandon and Leah, Asha learns that Cassidy has killed herself and Amir is going crazy, causing Grimcutty to attack Kamran again. As she begins to calm down, she attempts to save Kamran by getting Amir’s attention so that Grimcutty will only attack her. The final showdown between the two of them takes place outside of the hospital, after Asha has stabbed Amir to rid Grimcutty. Having finally been able to calm herself down with deep breathing, Amir enters and Asha is attacked again by Grimcutty, who chokes her in the air just as he did to Brandon. Finally seeing that his daughter was right all along, Amir stabs himself with a medical needle filled with fluid that is supposed to help him calm down. At last, Grimcutty has released his grip off of Asha and her family. The final scene showcases Asha, finally free, telling her ASMR viewers about Grimcutty and her experience with it.


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‘Grimcutty’ Ending Explained: A Meme Becomes An IRL Monster And Hurts Teens In Hulu Horror Flick (2024)
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