Eagles center Jason Kelce retires after 13 NFL seasons and 1 Super Bowl ring (2024)

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Jason Kelce has retired after 13 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The 36-year-old Kelce officially called it quits Monday at the Eagles’ NovaCare Complex, ending a career in which he became not only one of the great centers of his era who played a key role in the franchise’s lone Super Bowl championship but a beloved Philly personality and popular podcast host.

“Let’s see how long this lasts,” said Kelce, wearing a sleeveless Eagles T-shirt, before he burst into tears and needed several moments to compose himself at a news conference attended by his parents, Ed and Donna, and brother Travis, who was wearing sunglasses inside the auditorium. Eagles coach Nick Sirianni sat behind reporters.

Kelce needed 45 minutes to recount his career from his childhood in Ohio to his final days with the Eagles through tears, laughter and many thanks to his biggest influences before he finally announced he was retiring.

“I have been the underdog my entire career,” he said. “And I mean this when I say it, I still wish I was.”

Kelce was a sixth-round pick out of Cincinnati in the 2011 draft. The burly, bushy-haired and bearded Kelce has been a stalwart of the offensive line since he was drafted and as an Iron Man after he missed most of the 2012 season with a partially torn MCL and torn ACL.

The moment that endeared him for life to the Philly faithful came at the Super Bowl parade following the 2017 season when he dressed as one of Philadelphia’s famed Mummers, and the ultimate underdog delivered a fiery, profane speech that whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

“No one likes us! No one likes us! No one likes us! We don’t care,”Kelce exclaimedthat day in February 2018. “We’re from Philly! (Expletive) Philly. No one likes us! We don’t care!”

Kelce recalled that moment Monday, saying: “I won’t forget the parade and what it meant to the city of Philadelphia. The joy in our community and the closure it gave so many.”

“That wasn’t my speech,” Kelce said. “It was Philadelphia’s.

Kelce is the older brother of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. The two played each other in the Super Bowl two seasons ago, which was won by the Chiefs — “I won’t forget falling short to the Chiefs,” Jason said Monday — and co-host a podcast. Jason attended the Chiefs’ playoff game in frigid Buffalo temperatures in this season’s playoffs. He ripped off his shirt and chugged beers as he sat in a suite with Travis’ girlfriend, Taylor Swift.

It was the Jason Kelce way.

He’s been a showman off the football field, singing the national anthem at a 76ers game, partying with the Phillie Phanatic and pounding a beer to a roaring ovation at a Phillies postseason game.

But it was his work on the offensive line that made him a star. Kelce ended his career by making 156 straight starts, and he earned sixAll-Pro Teamselections.

He was part of Philadelphia’s core four of stars that have experienced droughts and championship runs, multiple coaches and one of the worst collapses in the city’s sports history. Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham are the lone holdovers from former coach Andy Reid’s last season with the Eagles in 2012. Lane Johnson completes the four veteran anchors and was a rookie in former coach Chip Kelly’s first season in 2013.

Kelce is the first one to call it quits.

Sirianni added to Kelce’s lore by shipping a keg of beer to the center’s home to entice him to return in 2022.

“No Keg videos this year,” Kelce wrote Monday morning onsocial media.

Instead, he thanked a long list of mentors from his high school football, hockey and lacrosse coaches and his old band teachers at Cleveland Heights (Ohio) high school for putting up with a “rambunctious kid that was will full of immaturity, stupidly and co*ckiness.”

He thanked his coaches at Cincinnati for believing he could play center, a fortuitous decision that made him a great fit in Philadelphia, then thanked his four coaches with the Eagles.

Kelce choked up again thanking Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie for his leadership and general manager Howie Roseman for drafting him. He shared memories of his Eagles career and said he would never forget the day Reid called to tell him Kelce had been drafted by the Eagles. Kelce’s father rushed into a room, “with tears streaming down his face,” in pure joy of the moment.

Kelce went on to play 193 regular-season games for the Eagles.

“It has always been a goal of mine to play my whole career in one city,” Kelce said. “I couldn’t have dreamt a better one if I tried.”

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Eagles center Jason Kelce retires after 13 NFL seasons and 1 Super Bowl ring (2024)


Eagles center Jason Kelce retires after 13 NFL seasons and 1 Super Bowl ring? ›

The 36-year-old Kelce officially called it quits Monday at the Eagles' NovaCare Complex, ending a career in which he became not only one of the great centers of his era who played a key role in the franchise's lone Super Bowl championship but a beloved Philly personality and popular podcast host.

What happened to Jason Kelce's Super Bowl ring? ›

All of this stuff has been thrown away, so I think we can safely assume that my Super Bowl ring is now in a landfill someplace in the Cincinnati tri-state area. I didn't think that would happen.” According to the brothers, their team had even used a metal detector to try and locate it in the pool to no luck.

Do the Kelce brothers already have Super Bowl rings? ›

Today, they're veritable NFL stars with Super Bowl rings — Jason Kelce won a Super Bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017; Travis Kelce in 2019 and 2023. His team, the Kansas City Chiefs, will play the Super Bowl again in 2024. Famously, the brothers became the first to go head-to-head in a Super Bowl.

Did Jason Kelce retire in 2024? ›

Kelce, who retired from the NFL in March after 13 years with the Eagles, will be a part of ESPN's lineup for the 2024 season and beyond. The multi-year agreement will see Kelce join "Monday Night Countdown," providing analysis in the buildup to "Monday Night Football" games.

How many rings does Jason Kelce have? ›

Jason Kelce won 1 championship in his career.

How much did the Chiefs Super Bowl ring cost? ›

While the 14.8-carat rings are a sparkling reminder of football's greatest accomplishment, fans quickly noticed an issue when images surfaced online: The $40,000 ring has a typo.

Who is Jason Kelce's replacement? ›

Jurgens started at right guard last season, but was seen as Kelce's eventual heir when he was drafted in 2022. The transition is underway and the Eagles will be hoping there isn't much drop in production up front as a result.

Does Jason Kelce have a wife? ›

Former NFL star Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie are the parents of three daughters. On the May 15, episode episode of his podcast "New Heights," Jason Kelce shared that the couple's two eldest daughters, Wyatt and Elliotte, now both attend the same preschool that Kylie Kelce attended as a child.

Are Kelces' parents divorced? ›

Donna Kelce, 71, said she and her now ex-husband decided to divorce only after their sons, Jason and Travis Kelce, graduated from college.

What is Travis Kelce's salary? ›

Travis Kelce signed a 2 year , $34,250,000 contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, including $17,000,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $17,125,000.

What is Jason Kelce going to do after he retires? ›

Kelce, who retired Monday from the NFL after 13 seasons as the Philadelphia Eagles center, is in a strong position as his very popular podcast, “New Heights” with his brother, Travis Kelce, tight end for the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, has the potential to make millions in a separate partnership.

What is Jason Kelce's salary? ›

2023-2023 Extension

Jason Kelce signed a 1 year , $14,250,000 contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, including $10,335,000 signing bonus, $14,250,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $14,250,000.

Why did Jason Kelce retire from the Eagles? ›

Kelce sensed his time had come, largely due to lingering injuries. "The physical portion is at a point that it's not a desire to continue to do," he explained.

Do both Kelce brothers have a ring? ›

Do Jason and Travis Kelce have Super Bowl rings? The brothers both have Super Bowl wins under their belts: Jason has one with the Eagles in 2017, and Travis has two with the Chiefs, in 2019 and 2023 respectively.

Did Jason Kelce ever find his ring? ›

"We have still yet to find it," the former Eagles player said. "All of this stuff has been thrown away, so I think we can safely assume that my Super Bowl ring is now in a landfill, someplace in the Cincinnati Tri-State area," Jason added.

Who is the best center in NFL history? ›

Jim Otto (163 AV)

Arguably the greatest center in NFL history, Otto earned 10 First Team All-Pro selections and 12 Pro Bowl selections in his 15-year career with the Raiders, both the most by a center in NFL history.

How rings does Travis Kelce have? ›

Travis Kelce is the greatest tight end of all time

With three Super Bowl rings, it's time to crown Kelce as the greatest tight end of all time.

Did the Chiefs get their rings? ›

The win enabled the Chiefs to become the first team since the 2003-2004 New England Patriots to repeat as Super Bowl champions, as the franchise became just the seventh to win four Lombardi Trophies. It all led to Thursday, where the Chiefs received three times the bling and were bestowed with rings fit for NFL kings.

How much is Travis Kelce worth? ›

Q: What is Travis Kelce's net worth? A: As of 2024, Travis Kelce's estimated net worth is around $30 million. His wealth primarily comes from his football career and related endorsem*nts.

Does Mahone have a Super Bowl ring? ›

Mahomes was sitting front row when Paul approached him about using his Super Bowl rings as a weapon against Uso, however his punch missed Uso at the last second and instead he struck JD McDonagh, according to CBS Sports. Mahomes has been enjoying the offseason after securing his third Super Bowl ring in February.

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